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The Rev. Dr.  Helen Goggin
The Presbyterian Church in Canada
Minister, Professor Emerita, Religious Education, Knox College, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Statement of The Rev. Dr. Helen Goggin
Ever since reading Rosemary Radford Ruether's review of David Ray Griffin's first edition of The New Pearl Harbor in 2004, that book and 10 others have convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that 9/11 had to be either an inside job by the Bush Administration or at least allowed to happen by that administration.  As a process thinker I can only ponder the fact that when in God's consequent nature God experiences everything that we experience I  am utterly amazed that human beings could do what it appears the Bush administration has done.  My first reaction like many was - no one would  do that!  There simply must be an independent inquiry into the now overwhelming factual evidence for the Bush Administation's  involvement in 9/11.  So many around the world have rejoiced at the inauguration of Barak Obama not just because he does offer real hope for the future but because it has meant the end of the worst administration the United States has endured.  Too many have died, too many children have been maimed for life, too many families, U.S, Iraqi, or Afghans mourn the loss of loved ones.  What would we be doing if we thought what we were going made sense?  We would not be fighting wars!